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Detoxification Foot Spa Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to anticipate the questions that a therapist, spa owner, potential distributor, wellness practitioner, home user, or just the curious would have.  If we have not addressed your specific questions, please email us directly at refresh@aquavidausa.com so we can answer your questions.  You may also fill out our easy to use contact form in the "Contact Us" section.

Why do you need to rebalance your body?

The body needs to cleanse itself of toxins each day.  Toxins the body cannot eliminate are stored in fatty tissue, joints, muscles, and the brain.  These toxins can clog cell membrane walls which are then unable to absorb enough nutrition to support normal cell functioning.  Over time, this leads to reduced vitality and weakened immune and lymphatic systems.  You can see this visually on pH strips as toxins tend to be acidic and reduce the pH balance.  The AquaVida foot spa helps the body rebalance itself, improve pH, and increase energy levels

How do toxins build up?

There are 500,000 different chemicals used to make, lubricate, clean, coat, wrap, and finish the products we use. Each year over 5,000 new chemical substances are invented.  Although our bodies have complex systems that remove toxins, namely the lymphatic, skin, liver and kidneys, they are no match for this onslaught. 

Heavy metals, minerals, synthetic chemicals and hormones, even human and animal wastes are in the water we drink, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the air we breathe, and the cosmetics we use.

Cosmetics are currently below the radar when it comes to identifying toxins.  TEA (triethanolamine), DEA (diethanolamine), and MEA (monoethanolamine) are commonly used in cosmetics in the USA.  Their use is restricted in Europe as they are known carcinogens.   Almost 50% of cosmetics containing ethoxylated surfactants were found to contain dioxane, a carcinogen.  Most shampoos contain Sodium or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate.  These substances caused eye damage and central nervous system depression to animals that were exposed to it.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and because it is permeable it easily absorbs toxins.  The scalp is especially permeable to toxins.  Relate that to the numbers of toxic chemicals put in your hair to color, shampoo, condition, and treat it.

Our bodies are bombarded by toxins. 

In 1999, a noted author and activist had his blood tested for 150 different commonly used chemicals.  His blood had 84 synthetic compounds, including 13 different Dioxins, 31 different PCB’s, DDT, lead, organochlorine pesticides, chlorine, and malathion, etc.  

How often should I use the system?

We recommend that the system be used either once a week for the first six weeks or twice a week for the first three weeks. Sessions should be spaced no closer than once every three days. A maintenance program of one session per month or bi-monthly is often sufficient. You will be able to determine the appropriate maintenance schedule by how you feel. Drink plenty of water during and after your session to keep oneself hydrated. It is important to always drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis. Water cleanses the body.

How does the process work?

The feet have over 7,200 nerve endings and 2,000 eccrine sweat glands.  In addition, arteries and veins cross paths in the feet.  These factors make the feet a natural gateway.   

Electronic Stimulation:  The technologically advanced exclusive electronic array gives the detoxification system a wake up call.  Clients have noted an increase in metabolism and its corresponding increase in the elimination of toxins by the normal, natural process of elimination.  Toxins that have been released from their storage areas can now be filtered by the Lymphatic and Immune systems.  

What can I expect to feel?

Each person’s experience is unique.  A lot depends on the level of toxicity.  After just five or six sessions, most customers report “subtle”, “quiet” changes in the way they feel including; increased overall vigor, improved feeling of well being, sharpened cognition, more positive moods, reduced joint pain, “I just wake up brighter”, etc.  Some clients report these feelings after their first session.  Several people have felt tired (this can be the result of the immune and lymphatic system taking on the extra load of toxins that had been stored).  Other clients feel their energy levels rejuvenated, while others have felt nothing.  More women than men have noted that they have a better night sleep.  Occasionally customers have stated that they have a metal taste in their mouths. Long term customers (typically women) have stated they felt an increase in their metabolism with corresponding reductions in weight and cellulite. 

Can anyone use the system?


It is not recommended for:


Will the water change color when there are no feet in the water?


This is due to the chemical interaction of the water, salt and the ionic exchange occurring with the array. Part of the color change occurs because of the natural oxidation of the array coil.

Why does the water change color during a session?

Salt, water, array coil, and sweat combine to effect the color of the water. This is a normal process. The color will vary according to the chemistry found in the water. The variation of colors is fascinating but it is the internal effects that are important, not what is happening externally in the water. The color of the water is not the definitive indicator of the session.

Is the color of the water significant?

The color varies from person to person. There are many elements that contribute to the color of the water. What is important is how you feel? Individual analysis of the water after the process is the only possible way to determine what is present in the water, plus the water would have to be analyzed prior to the treatment to determine what chemicals already exist in the water.

What waste products are expelled by the sweat glands in the feet?

Eccrine Sweat:  Eccrine sweat is composed primarily of water with various salts, heavy metals and organic compounds in solution.  It is a filtrate of plasma, a colorless hypotonic solution that includes sodium, chloride, potassium, urea, bicarbonate, ammonia, uric acid, phosphorus, fatty acids, and other metabolic wastes.  The tiny ducts of these glands pass through the dermis and epidermis and empty directly to the surface of the skin, or in AquaVida foot spa.

Will it remove medications from my body?


Only toxins are removed from the sweat glands in your feet. Vitamins, minerals and medications are not excreted.

How you feel is the most important element!

Why is salt added to the water?

Water is a poor conductor of electricity on its own. As a general guide, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt is sufficient, however this may vary depending on your water type. Please avoid sea/rock/low sodium salt. For example, very hard water will require additional salt (we have found that we need to double.) We recommend you use table salt, as it is easily dissolved in water.

Why do we need to use a de-scaler?

In some areas the water supply can cause a lime scale build up. Lime scale will coat the array coils with a white powder, impairing the performance of the array. The array should be put into de-scaler for no longer than five minutes after each use. It is recommended that the array be sanitized after each use.

Have you proof that it cures anything?

The foot spa does not cure anything! The system can aide the body to balance its bio-energetic fields, which stimulates detoxification. When the electro-magnetic fields are balanced, the body's organs will naturally function more efficiently. Each individual's body is unique and ones' reaction to the AquaVida system will vary; just as each of us react differently to medications, surgeries, and alternative therapies. The foot spa is not a medical device and the FDA has not reviewed nor approved any statements made herein.

Why do you add pH strips?

PH is the measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a solution. The standard definition of a neutral solution is 7.0 on a scale. The ideal body pH is between 7.0 and 7.5, neither too alkaline nor too acidic. Scientists have discovered that the body fluids of healthy people are alkaline whereas the body fluids of sick people are acidic. The pH strips show where your pH is at the beginning of your AquaVida session, and where you are at the end of it. In most people, the pH prior to their session is more acidic than the pH at the end of the session.

An imbalanced pH can lead to the progression of most, if not all, degenerative diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Cancer can flourish only in an acidic environment.