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The AquaVida INFINITY Detox System is our newest full body Detox system

Infinity Detox System - Tub NOT included

Say YES to Less Stress and a Healthier Body

A convenient detox console which is a perfect fit for your business or at home.   Wherever you go, you can feel great knowing you can detox on your own schedule. 

This system does not include a foot spa, tub or basin as seen in the above picture, this picture shows a good example of how to use the Infinity Detox System.

Infinity Detox System Includes:

Infinity Detox System - Console, Array, Power Supply

The New Infinity Detox System is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Infinity Detox System (foot spa not included) for Home Use & Therapists alikeOur clients told us that they needed a detox system that was effective yet simple to use that would fit into any business or home scenario. We designed the INFINITY Detox System for our client’s.

Our client’s love the New Infinity. Perfect to fit into their business and easy to use and store for home use.

We manufacture the Infinity in America at our plant so you know that when you get our product it is the same industry leading detoxification products that you have relied on.

The Infinity Array use the same thick coils used on our original array. This provides a more reliable detox.

This is the only array with an easy to clean open bottom.

Effective and affordable pricing. Buy the Infinity Detox System today and Feel Great! 910-443-7725