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The AquaVida Foot Spa System

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AquaVida Detox Systems

Foot Spas for Salons,Wellness Centers, Day Spas & Home Users

Making Your Body a Better Place to Live

AQUAVIDA - Good for What Ails You!

New Product: Infinity Detox System


AV3 Infinity Detox System
Foot Tub Not Included

You asked for it! We designed it for you!

“Feel Great on the Go” fits perfectly at your business, at home or into your busy schedule, perfect for therapists and home users alike. You wanted a reliable detox system, that gives results and can go where you go. AquaVida now offers you a system with “our exclusive technology” built into the console of the detox system. Your body can eliminate “harmful toxins” safely.

Feel Good Now! Call today order your Infinity Detox System, Get Going and Feel Great!

Foot spa not included in this detox system. The idea behind it was to create a system that was trimmed down to the bare essentials.

To learn more about the AquaVida AV3 Infinity Detox System click here.

AV1 Portable Platinum Detox SystemAV1 Portable Detox Spa

The complete Platinum Portable System designed with the mobile volume therapist in mind. This system comes with a foot spa as well as our original array and 20 liners with each array to get you up and running today.



AV2 Professional Detox SystemAV1 Professional Detox Foot Spa

The complete low profile Professional system made for therapists and home users. The AV2 detox system also comes with a foot spa tub and complete array system and 20 liners with each array to get you on your way to a cleaner more detoxified body today.


AV4 Four Person Detox System

AV4 Multi Person Detox System for TherapistsYour detox business is booming maybe you need our Multi-System. The AV4 system is really designed for a high volume therapist who wants to detox more than one person at a time.

Detox more clients and watch your business grow!




Feel Great
Easy to Use
Lifetime Client Support
5 Year Warranty
Made in the USA